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tellows provides a wide database with information about millions of reported telephone numbers worldwide. tellows has developed its own API (application programming interface) to support the development of apps and programs, by facilitating the access to its database…

tellows’ Caller ID Protects Against Unwanted Calls on iPhone and Android!



The new tellows iPhone App is here! The current tellows Android App has been updated as well. Besides the caller identification, it is now possible to block unwwanted calls…

Press Review

07.10.2014 – the tellows callblocker has been featured in the tv-invention-show „Einfach genial“ (Simply Clever)

The tellows callblack was introduced by the MDR television show „Einfach genial“ as a brand new invention against nuisance callers. For about 5 minutes the features of the callblocker have been explained, as well as the way it works for blocking unwanted calls.→ Go to the article

02.05.2014 – The „Mittelbayrische“ warns before callers who ask for counter data

The „Mittelbayrische“ warns about callers who ask for counter data and refers to the enlightning operated by tellows.→ Go to the article.

24.11.2013 – reports about tellows

As part of the documentation about unwanted calls, the online newspaper „Die Welt“ explains how tellows can help to protect consumers.→ Go to the article

15.10.2013 – introduces the tellows iPhone App

The online platform for test and purchase consultings checks the features of the tellows pro app for caller identification.→ Go to the article

10.09.2013 – talks about tellows

The largest German Telekom magazin informs its readers about the feaures of the tellows app→ Go to the article

05.09.2012 – presents the tellows caller ID for iPhone

„tellows pro protects from telephone harassment. The well-known web service is now available for iPhone.“→ Go to the article

18.08.2013 – informs its readers about the tellows app

The series „Leipziger Homepages“ of the online newspaper introduces periodically new innovative websites. The latest issue reports about how tellows helps its users to better evaluate phone numbers to protect themselves from phone scam.→ zum Artikel.

Volume 5/2012 – „All my Android apps“ tests tellows caller ID

The magazin reports regulary about new apps for Android and iPhone – and recently about the tellows app!→ Go to the article

01.01.2012 – „netpointer“ interviews founder of

The print magazin by dedicates the annual issue to the topic „Online marketing on a growth course“ and introduces its readers to original, fresh websites. For this issue the „netpointer“ talked to the tellows founders.
→ Go to the article

26.10.2011 – tellows on TV: „Akte Thema“ airs contribution about data theft via telephone

In an extensive report of 9 minutes the journalists present the topic of identity theft. They invited a former call center agent to set an experiment. → Go to the article

07.07.2011 – PC-Welt tests tellows app for Android

The online version for computer and technical know-how test the tellows app extensively.→ Go to the article

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